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Break free from the invisible prison

Mindset Mastery


I could start talking about where I’ve been and what I’ve done to make me look “deep” and “successful”, but what I want you to know about me is something way simpler. There is an invisible prison that is controling us and it’s not allowing us to be our authentic self. Ok, I know that sounds very abstract and even mystical, but it is NOT. You can actually taste it whenever you feel lost, anxious, empty, blocked, censored, trapped, fearful of the future or unconfident in front of other people. Do you follow the idea? That “thing” that is doing “that” is the invisible force of social conditioning and conformity. As a philosopher and magician, my mission in the universe is to teach you how to break free from the invisible chains of that external force. Yes, that’s right! I want to leave this world knowing that I helped humanity get closer to the truth, closer to what we really are by living to the fullest. In one word, I want to help you to be “human all too human”. So whether I’m speaking, leading retreats, writing, or making conscious mentoring, it’s all in SERVICE of the same thing….the love for wisdom…the PHILOSOPHY of FREEDOM.

Let your REAL SELF shine through...

You’ve got the house, the money, the career you wanted it and all the social abundance and validation you once dreamt about. But why still feels shallow? That feeling of unhappiness is shared by millions of men in the modern era. 

I know very well the feeling, because I felt it. And I also know that television or fast-food weekend seminars are not going to make it go away. What you want is existential deepth, what you want is answers, personal anwsers to the big questions of BEING. The lack of philosophy in the individual’s life can be heavy, speacially if you know very well that you have the power and the intelect to see beyond the superficial world around. 

After more than 20 years searching for knowlegde I found that there is a way back to the authentic human condition, I found out that the path to overcome that shallowness is not the over-sold pill of happiness. It’s something greater and deeper than that. We already have what we are looking for, but we need to unlearn and let our real self shines through the social conditioning that is blocking us, the same way the sun shines through the clouds. 

Are you ready to return to be…


Stop proyecting an image to other people and allow the world to encounter the real you


Let your unrepeatable personality come up to the surface without the fear of being rejected


Go beyond your mental limitiations and break the chains that tie you up to the system

Ready to go on a RETREAT with me?

Many years back and after testing the results of my weekend seminars and bootcamps, I realized that it’s illusory and even scammy attempting to produce an improvement in someone’s life working on one single aspect (eg: mindset or dating) without taking care of the other aspects (eg: social skill, confidence and energy). I also came to the conclusion that a real life transformation comes always from specific deep immersive first person experiences that snap the mind out of the old patterns, and never from a fast-food weekend seminar or an impersonal digital product. Life is a holistic experience, so for me an honest mentoring program must follow the holism of life itself if it really wants to produce a long-lasting life transformation. The MEN’S INNER CIRCLE RETREAT is my true masterpiece, and I’ve poured my heart and soul into this retreat to making it as powerful as it can be, taking into account the energetic, intellectual and social components of the human self on an equal footing. This 2021 we go to Tulum-Mexico!