I AM magical philosophy


I could start talking about my experience to make me look “successful”, but what I want you to know about me is something way deeper than that. I’ve discovered that there is an INVISIBLE prison that hold us back from being our authentic self. This invisible prison has a very strong force, like gravity. I know that sounds very abstract and even mystical, but it is NOT. You can actually feel it whenever you are lost, anxious, empty, blocked, censored, doubtful, trapped, fearful of the future or unconfident to act or say something in front of other people. Have you ever felt that way? We all have! The “thing” that is doing “that” is the invisible force of social conditioning and conformity. As a philosopher my mission in the universe is to teach you how to break free from the invisible chains of that invisible force. If you can make visible the invisible, you will be free from it. I want to leave this world knowing that I helped humanity get closer to freedom, closer to what we really are by living to the fullest. So whether I’m speaking, leading retreats, writing, or making conscious mentoring, it’s all in SERVICE of the same thing….INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM


Step 1: Finding the MAGIC

When I was around 12 years old I saw my oldest cousin Mario performing magic at a family party. That very same day I felt that I was going to become a magician and I was going to spread WONDER around the world. Soon I became the two-time Chilean champion of close-up magic (1998-1999) and I competed in the “World Championship of Magic (FISM-Holland)” in 2003, getting into the top 5 worldwide with only 19 years old. Despite those are just titles hanging on the wall, what is really important about being a magician is what this art allowed to conquer in the self-development field. Firstly, thanks to magic I could turned my deepest dream into a reality: living in the entire world to see, touch, taste and immerse myself into different cultures. With magic I connected with a huge amount of people while learning the most important lessons about how to build fast but deep rapport in the human world. With magic I understood the power of giving positive emotions to others. Secondly, being able to create illusions in people’s minds made me face the ultimate question, “what is true reality?”. Being a magician it’s what actually led me to study philosophy and seek for personal answers to the Big questions of existence. 

Step 2: The love for WISDOM

Learning magic was just the beggining of my intelectual journey but it was an extremely important one, because it left me with very radical questions about the nature of reality, perception and intersubjetivity. I knew back then that those questions were not going to be taken care of inside the “magic circle”, but seeking methaphysical wisdom, so I devoted my life to study the history of human thought. After decades of being immersed in it, I realized that philosophy is extremely important for our lives. Philosophy might be just ideas, but Ideas shape our reality, our world, ourselves and our universe. Nieztsche once wrote “there is no facts, just interpretations“. Our whole life is an interpretation, so If we want real self-development we will need from philosophy the most empowering interpretations we can get. Philosophy should not be something distant, because we think of it as useless or abstract. That is actually so far from the truth that I had turned my life’s mission into applying philosophical concepts to help people to understand and improve their lives.

Step 3: Going out 2000 nights

In 2010 I felft that my mindset training was very solid. However, I couldn’t understand why even knowing so many great ideas about the self and the universe I couldn’t be always cool and relax socially. I am a perfectionist when it comes to self-development and not having the key to my social confidence was a big deal at the time. After thinking about this issue over and over again, I finally understood the the “mental self” and the “social self” need to be train separetly. This discovery pushed me to a rampage of 2000 nights out to force me to interact and socialize with millions of people in order to understand the root cause of social anxiety, self-filtering, external validation and fear of rejection. This period was the hardest training I’ve done in my life and it was a real hard-core contact with my insecurities through the world around me. The result of this training is my “social value dynamics theory”, a philosophical theory about the social self that has been extracted from real-world experience, and it can explain the hidden matrix that is in play in almost all human settings of power and attraction. Social dynamics is philosophy in motion and this is the secret map that every men should get to go deeper into the territory of the human self. 

Step 4: Diving into ENERGY

A few years back I was introduced in Bali into energy, frequency and vibration healing. At first, I was skeptical and completly ignorant about the magical power of what now it’s known as the “energetic field”. Long story short, today I’m not only a believer in the power of frequencies, but I’ve personally experienced day in and day out the unreal results of the new bio-hacking technology. Working with energy is so great, so clean, so effective and so real, that a few years ago I decided to include this high-tech feature in my mentoring programs, and the results on my clients have been mind-blowing. Why? Let’s think about this for a second. We are all part of nature, so we are all matter. Matter is energy and energy is the vibrations study nowadays by quatum physics. So when we learn how to tap into that quantum reality, we are tapping into the DEEPEST layer of ourselves, the TRUE universal nature of our being. I know by heart that bio-hacking is the future of self-development and I am 101% sure that every mentor in the world will be applying it to help people as I’m doing now in my men’s inner circle retreat.